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Thousands of publishers benefit from NewsNow's circulation of links to their articles to more than 11 million monthly users.

NewsNow's audience substantially comprises ABC decision makers in the UK, Europe and the US. Every month, NewsNow's user-base views billions of headlines and over 70 million articles. NewsNow operates an Open Content Policy, that allows large mainstream publishers, as well as smaller sites and bloggers, access to the benefits of having their links included in our services.

Our requirements

In order to qualify for inclusion within the NewsNow Publisher Network, your site must be able to demonstrate consistently high quality content for at least the previous six months, and you and your site must be able to comply with our Publisher Network Terms and Conditions, which incorporates our Editorial Standards, Code of Conduct and Issue Resolution Procedures and our Technical Requirements. Some sites may be required to display a NewsNow logo as specified in our Terms.

We recognise that these requirements will, for some publishers, be quite demanding. So to save time, please make sure you have read them through carefully and have satisfied yourself that you and your site are able to comply with them before applying.

How to apply

If you are sure you and your site are able to comply with these requirements, please click to read our Applications Guidance. You will find a link to the application form at the bottom of that page. Please note, due to the high volumes of submissions we receive, we are unable to offer any assistance to non-qualifying sites.

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