NewsNow breaks symbolic 100m page view barrier as summer football transfer window closes

After ten years of growth, last month the UK's favourite news portal, broke all previous traffic records, clocking up 100m page views/impressions during the course of August.

July and August both set new traffic records for NewsNow. July saw 91m page views served for the first time. On the back of that in August, NewsNow broke the symbolic 100m page view threshold – a further record.

NewsNow's previous record was 82m, in August 2007.

“Everybody at NewsNow is incredibly pleased with this performance,” said Struan Bartlett, chairman. “The summer football transfer window is always a busy time for us, and it is testament to the quality of our feeds, and the scalability of our IT systems, that we have been able to satisfy the high growth in demand for aggregated news over the period.”

For football fans, NewsNow's team feeds have long been a key part of their secret armoury for staying on the crest of team gossip. For others, NewsNow's huge selection of topical feeds is what carves the site its niche against better funded competitors like Google News.

NewsNow Background

NewsNow is a rolling news service. In real time, it files the headlines linking to 200,000 articles daily into over 2,500 'feeds' covering a wide array of current affairs, business & finance, technology, life & style, arts & entertainment, and sports topics.

A household name among football fans, NewsNow is a regular winner of the Website of the Year awards ( Hitwise Intelligence recently rated NewsNow no. 12 in the UK's Top 15 news sites above and (see and the 2nd most visited UK news aggregator, after Google News UK, with 23% of the market (see

As a company, NewsNow derives revenue from ad sales, from delivering its feeds to third-party websites, as well as from its highly-acclaimed subscription news monitoring service.

The chairman of NewsNow, polymath number theorist, computer scientist and ex-journalist Struan Bartlett, prototyped the first NewsNow engine in 1997.

An independently-owned British success story, NewsNow was launched in February 1998, first turned profitable in 1999, received investment in 2000, saw off the .com crash and considers itself well placed to survive the latest economic downturn.

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