NewsNow breaks through 7000 source barrier has become the first European online news monitoring service to provide non-stop searching of 7000 online news sources.

In its bid to provide the most comprehensive online news monitoring tool, NewsNow adds between 50 and 100 sources per week to its database of searchable publications. This ensures that its customers track relevant news wherever and whenever it appears. Many also receive email alerts whenever a story appears.

Users of the NewsNow news portal were alerted today of the new record-breaking figure of 7,000 sources as the new tally went live on the site at 4pm today.

NewsNow benefits from a dedicated publishing search team and nominations from over 500,000 regular users to its free news portal. Each potential source is checked for quality and credibility before being accepted into the database.

"We pride ourselves on having what we believe is the biggest archive of sources. This is the online equivalent of breaking through the sound barrier. Its an amazing database of sources that has taken five years to build. I am very proud of our search team and thankful for the hundreds of suggestions from our subscribers," said Nick Gilbert, Chief Executive, NewsNow.

"Sources to us are what ingredients are to a Cordon Bleu chef. They have to be the best and gathered from all around the world to guarantee we can deliver the finest online news monitor. Just like a chef we continually check our 'ingredients' to ensure they satisfy the users of our newsfeeds. I think that differentiates us from the more 'automatic' monitoring services that don't have demanding business customers like we do.

"Online news monitoring has been available for seven years but users have never been able to benefit from such an enormous range of high quality sources. This is a real breakthrough for us and another landmark for the growth of the Internet as an unparalleled news medium. We are finding that our subscribers are continually amazed at what they discover when you have access to a database of such depth.

"At the same time we are finding that publishers are realising the benefit of working actively with us. By being listed they gain an uplift in traffic and their brand is instantly recognised by thousands more Internet users. Meanwhile the arrival of Google into online news monitoring last year has certainly galvanised the online community and we are happy to be compared against them. We are confident that our range and relevance of sources is second to none."

NewsNow has pioneered online news monitoring in the UK with the creation of the UK's most popular news portal and dedicated monitoring services for business. The free portal provides hundreds of tailor-made feeds on a wide range of topics as well as offering a free one-word search option.

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Background Information

NewsNow is Europe's pioneering Internet news monitoring agency and supplier of tailored, aggregated newsfeeds.

NewsNow's customers hail from the world's PR, marketing, communications and web design departments of SME, national and multinational businesses and charitable organisations.

These organisations use NewsNow to gather and monitor news relevant to their company, clients, competitors, market industry and sector. Their news feeds may be delivered to their inbox, to their intranet or extranet or alternatively to NewsNow's secure web archive interface.

NewsNow is one of only a few companies able to offer this kind of online monitoring. Its customers include Exxon, Rolls-Royce, AMD and Sony Computer Entertainment.

NewsNow Key Points

  • Searches over 43,000+ sources in real time
  • Monitors news in over 146 countries and 20 languages
  • Searches most leading international, national and regional newspapers; consumer, trade and technical titles; government press pages; press releases; blogs, webzines, newsletters and leading underground and alternative publications
  • Offers sophisticated positional and proximity matching - the ability to specify keywords and phrases and the relationships between them
  • No expertise necessary - professional staff take care of your changing needs
  • Sources added or removed on request
  • 30 day news archive
  • No per-article charges
  • Fixed monthly fees
  • Delivery by email alert, via secure web archive interface or to any intranet or website

NewsNow History

NewsNow was founded in 1997. It began as a news aggregation website ( that fast became the UK's leading news portal. Today the portal features over 3300 topics and attracts 215 million page impressions monthly.

In 1998 NewsNow began delivering tailored news feeds to customers' websites.

In 2001, the addition of a sophisticated custom search engine capable of full-text search enabled NewsNow to deliver high-quality but cost-effective tailored Internet news monitoring solutions to PR, marketing and communications professionals of SME, national and multinational businesses and charitable organisations.

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