2007 Nissan Micra in Liverpool

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Price Analysis

At NewsNow Classifieds, we analyse the price of more than 5 million used cars. Our unique pricing algorithm classifies vehicles according to a wide variety of factors - including make, model, model type, engine size and mileage, when sufficient data is available. It then indicates when an advertised price is above, near or below our estimated market price for that specification of vehicle.

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Every day we log the advertised price of each car listed, and where we see it has been reduced, we indicate this. Check out all 2007 Nissan Micra in Liverpool reduced-price cars to avoid missing out on a good deal!

Price History

Avg Price by Mileage

This graph shows how average 2007 Nissan Micra prices change with mileage. Cars with a mileage between 200,000-250,000 miles are the cheapest at £795, 66.08% below the average market price of £2,344. The most expensive cars were priced 23.72% above the average market price. The biggest drop in price of £745 is observed for cars with a mileage between 75,000-100,000 miles compared to cars with a mileage between 100,000-125,000 miles.

Sometimes vehicles are priced differently in different regions. For a 2007 Nissan Micra, the average price offered in Glasgow is 36% below market average, and the highest prices are found in London.

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For vehicles of different makes, our suggestions are based on the similarities in price, mileage, engine size, horsepower, transmission, body type, drive train and fuel type between the two models.

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