UI Designer

Salary: £30–£35k (according to experience)
Holidays: 26 days plus bank holidays
Location: Contemporary, warehouse-style office in Kings Cross, London N1, with excellent transport links (bicycle, bus, rail and tube).
Benefits: Bupa, bonuses and much more…

We've completed our intake of UI Designers for Q1 2021. Please check back again later.

About NewsNow

NewsNow is a rare beast: a UK-based ‘dot com’ success story; a publisher and technology company running the extremely successful news aggregation and discovery platform NewsNow.co.uk.

NewsNow presents curated and breaking headlines from around the world for those who want to read more widely, and think more critically. By presenting different perspectives and stories covered from a range of angles, it helps people to compare and contrast opposing viewpoints, spot differing presentations of the facts, challenge their preconceptions, make their own minds up, and stay abreast of topics they are passionate about.

Founded in 1997 to democratise and disrupt the market for news, NewsNow has built up a solid brand and huge, loyal user base (over 11m users monthly). Our small & agile team, together with a focus on adtech and algorithms right on the cutting edge, has delivered a run of outstanding financial results and industry-leading success metrics.

Now in our 24th year, we're in the fortunate position of having a proven product and the capital to invest in tackling some major growth and product development plans, both here in the UK and abroad, and creating even more social capital out of what has been an extremely successful platform.

That's why we're expanding and now searching for a UI Designer, who will work on a wide array of UI challenges.

About the role

Following the successful release of NewsNow's most substantial redesign since our launch in 1997, we are looking for a UI designer to help us to grow and shape our new design system. This includes a UI kit based around atomic design principles, to design and prototype component-based interfaces and layouts, and to drive a tight feedback loop with our millions of loyal users.

We use a lean, iterative design process, and you will work closely with the Creative Tech Lead, the development team and senior management. You'll work on day-to-day design relating to the NewsNow brand, and will have opportunities to expand your skills and learn from other members of the team, such as via front end development in JSX, SCSS and Javascript, or through UX research projects.

This is a great opportunity to get involved with some exciting upcoming projects, such as a brand new news product which will eventually replace our homepages, substantial design updates to our search and navigation systems, and a new US edition.

You and your skills

We're looking for someone with a great eye for aesthetics, detail, and a good working knowledge of current design best practices in accessibility, interaction and usability. Communication is a big part of working at NewsNow, and we're looking for someone who can articulate their design decisions, and will thrive in a collaborative environment, turning feedback and detailed critique into well-crafted design iterations. We'd like to see a great portfolio that showcases your best work.

You'll need a good handle on cutting edge UI design software (like Figma, Sketch, InVision Studio, Adobe XD or similar). At NewsNow, we use Figma. You'll also need to know your way around Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Experience in front end web development is a huge plus, but not a requirement if you're willing and able to learn.

You're also someone who:

  • Is open to new technologies, but isn't a slave to them: you relish crafting elegant solutions to business problems, using whatever is the best tool for the job.
  • Thrives in a small, open and collaborative team, where the best ideas can come from anyone. You're confident and articulate about what you know and what you don't.
  • Is passionate about any area of news or sport, or creating the best product for people who are.

About our development team

We offer all the excitement and agility of a start-up, but with the stability and benefits of an established business.

Our highly experienced multi-disciplinary development team runs lean. Our compact set-up lets us keep hierarchy and bureaucracy to a minimum. Which means today, we're still a company where everyone who joins us gets to make a massive impact.

We’re a developer-driven company. Two of the company’s three directors are developers - and that includes the CEO. This means that development is core to the business, developers are appreciated for their creative input, and the importance of investment in development - and avoiding technical debt - is understood.

We operate a cutting-edge and bespoke containerised development model, that makes agile development convenient and cheap. For each new task, a disposable Docker container (talking to a disposable live database clone) provides a ready-built development environment running a full live NewsNow stack, complete with high-end browser-based IDE. This makes forking a breeze. From conception through roll out, branches and staged developments are continuously available as needed to developers and managers for collaboration and review.

We run a LAMP stack with Python 3, Perl 5, ES6, NodeJS and some C on the server-side, running on Debian Linux, deployed on co-located raw metal and in Google Cloud. We do our client-side development in HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, OO JavaScript and jQuery.

Our culture

  • Open: we share and collaborate within and across departments
  • Scientific: peer review and experimentation is in our DNA
  • One team, one vision: no office politics
  • An appreciative environment: expect to hear ‘thanks’ a lot
  • Room to grow: development of skills and responsibilities is encouraged and rewarded
  • Virtual: we run a remote-first development team (but with periodic London meetups)
  • Family-friendly and flexible: we understand sometimes personal needs must come first

Our remuneration policy

NewsNow is an exceptionally stable business that values long-term relationships with its employees. We run a programme of annual (or even more frequent) appraisals and pay reviews, with the aim of ensuring our employees are motivated, fulfilled, and that their remuneration reflects and recognises their developing expertise, their value to NewsNow, and on the wider job market.


  • Fully paid Bupa private health insurance
  • 26 days holiday plus bank holidays
  • NEST pension scheme
  • Competitive salary + bonuses
  • MacBook
  • Developer playtime for research & development
  • Budget for books and resources
  • Sabbatical proposals considered

More about NewsNow

NewsNow is the UK’s largest independent news aggregation and discovery platform. A one-stop shop for news for 12m unique monthly visitors, NewsNow is a UK top 50 website, and a global top 50 news destination.

We’re a developer-driven company. Two of the company’s three directors - which includes the CEO/Managing Director - are developers.

Running stably and profitably since our start in 1997, since 2009 we’ve been experiencing even greater commercial success as an industry leader in programmatic advertising technologies.

NewsNow is proud of its place within the media ecosystem, providing a platform particularly for smaller and independent publications to reach their audience, and helping to grow media plurality. We are a driver of quality in the news media and today set editorial standards for much of the content we link to.

NewsNow is also very proud to be the first digital member of the Disaster Emergency Committee’s Rapid Response Network, which helps alert the UK public efficiently to its vital humanitarian emergency fundraising appeals.

We've completed our intake of UI Designers for Q1 2021. Please check back again later.
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