Client Testimonials

"Myself and my team find NewsNow's daily news alert an invaluable device for keeping abreast of developments in our chosen area."

- Gidon Freeman, PR Week

"The traffic on our site tripled in the first 5 days the newsfeed went live. We logged over 5.6 million hits during the 2004 Athens olympic season."

- Laura Walden, Sports Features Communications

"We are very pleased with the service - the reports are always regular and easy to read."

- Samantha Bridge, Communications Manager at Cambridge International Examinations

"As a Web service that's password-protected it comes into its own outside office hours, when you need to know the latest news that affects your company."

- Nick Agarwal, Asda Group

"NewsNow has proven to be an extremely effective tool for the National AIDS Trust's Press Office. It provides real-time information about the stories and issues in the world press and allows us to stay current with the breaking news about the issues we address."

- Thomas Yocum, National AIDS Trust

"We make a lot of use of our online news archive and the breaking news service which is invaluable! When significant stories break, we are able to keep absolutely on top of them with NewsNow."

- Victoria Wright, Brita Water Filters Ltd

"It was only because it showed up on my email alert from NewsNow that we were aware of an embargoed story of ours going out a week early on the website of an unnamed large northern regional newspaper. We were initially devastated, because lots of time and money had been dedicated to what was, in effect, our biggest story of the year.

"However, having been warned, we were able to ascertain that the story had not been printed in the paper itself, that it was pulled from the website immediately and that damage was absolutely minimised. This one incident was worth every penny of our subscription to NewsNow."

- Ben Harding, Help the Aged

"We used the NewsNow service to monitor online reporting of the deal struck between the UK & European independent record sectors and Napster. The service was impressive, and picked up reports from those sites we were aware of, plus some that we didn't know existed. The email alert system is also very efficient. I would be happy to recommend this to any organisation wishing to monitor stories over the Internet."

- Sam Shemtob, Association of Independent Music

"...this is proving a very useful resource."

- Daniel Freedman, The Football Association

What the press say

"It's very useful. I look at NewsNow quite a few times each day."

- Graeme Wearden,

"It's always been very good."

- David Neal, IT Week

"The key word search is useful. I prefer it to Google."

- Sandra Higgison, Content Management Focus

"My home page is NewsNow."

- Gareth Morgan, VNU Newswire

"It's a great feed. As far as quantity goes its excellent."

- Philip Hunter, Computing

"Le portail britannique NewsNow devient un outil incontournable pour rechercher parmi les dépêches d'actualités. Au cours du mois de mars, le site a ajouté plus de 1000 sources d'informations à sa base, dépassant ainsi les 8200 sources (8269 en ce moment...). Cela en fait le premier portail d'information européen."

[ English translation: "The British portal NewsNow is becoming an indispensible tool for searching breaking news. During March, the site has added more than 1000 sources to its database, taking it past the 8200 mark (8269 at time of writing). This makes it the leading European information portal." ]


"Something no corporate affairs department should be without - and well worth putting in front of the marketers, too."

- Roderick White, Editor, Admap Magazine

"NewsNow is an invaluable resource for us."

- Kate Nicholas, Editor, PR Week

"My main news sources are NewsNow and Guardian Unlimited"

- Chris Kimber, head of BBC Radio Online

"NewsNow is a must for supporters who crave a regularly refreshed fix of news and gossip."

- Sunday Times

"If you want aggregated news headlines in Reuters-like style from a huge number of sources, then there's NewsNow."

- Computer Weekly

"My main news source on the Web is NewsNow. It's a fantastic aggregator. It trawls every important media site for news. Its fantastic to see how a news story develops."

- The Guardian

"Website of the Day"

- Steve Wright, Radio 2

"A simple idea, realised with staggering professionalism. NewsNow is a UK start-up to shout about."

- Sunday Times

"There are many specialist searches out there... NewsNow comes up trumps for news stories."

- Sunday Herald

"NewsNow is a great UK-focussed web site which regularly crawls 4,000 [now 41059] news sources every five minutes and is almost unbeatable for breaking news."

- Internet Magazine

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