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3.British troops set to head for war-torn Ukraine Daily and Sunday Express 20:19 2-Sep-14
9.Ukrainian troops routed as Russia talks tough Boston Herald 21:22 2-Sep-14
12.Ukraine: Russian forces in major rebel cities Boston Herald 15:00 2-Sep-14
16.Ukraine military routed as Russia talks tough Boston Herald 19:52 2-Sep-14
27.Saudi religious police at heart of new scandal Middle East Online 14:40 2-Sep-14
31.The Secret to the Success of Islamic State The Wall Street Journal 03:04 
33.Video Claims Beheading of Second U.S. Journalist The Wall Street Journal 21:14 2-Sep-14 
34.Militants 'behead US journalist' Belfast Telegraph 19:53 2-Sep-14
36.Israel raises alarm over Islamist militants on its frontiers Thomson Reuters Foundation 16:20 2-Sep-14
37.Russia Urges U.S. to Rein In Ukraine The Wall Street Journal 13:42 2-Sep-14 
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DNA evidence has cleared two North Carolina inmates imprisoned for 30 years 23:47 2-Sep-14

Most French people know almost nothing about wine, a poll has found 23:47 2-Sep-14

Low-carb diets are better than low-fat diets, a major new study has concluded 23:46 2-Sep-14

The picture of a woman stabbed with a pen during a coach attack has been published online 17:24 2-Sep-14

A Sky Sports reporter has come out as gay 10:24 2-Sep-14

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