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2.Russia warns West of "catastrophe" over Ukraine Thomson Reuters Foundation 14:01 29-Jan-15
4.EU would have to respond to large military offensive in Ukraine -... Thomson Reuters Foundation 18:53 29-Jan-15
11.UK jets intercept Russian bombers CNN 17:18 29-Jan-15
13.Hezbollah 'wants no Israel conflict' BBC 10:41 29-Jan-15
14.Texas rally by Muslims seeking tolerance disrupted by protesters Thomson Reuters Foundation 23:14 29-Jan-15
15.John McCain calls protesters 'scum,' tells them to 'shut up' Thomson Reuters Foundation 22:44 29-Jan-15
17.Russia blacklists four more U.S. citizens in retaliatory move Thomson Reuters Foundation 19:03 29-Jan-15
18.American Sniper: Jesse Ventura speaks out Telegraph.co.uk 17:04 29-Jan-15
24.Chad army retakes Nigerian town from Boko Haram Thomson Reuters Foundation 22:24 29-Jan-15
33.Disappearance of Flight 370 The Wall Street Journal 03:42 
34.New White House Hostage Rescue Plan MIA The Daily Beast 02:29
35.Three Americans Are Killed in a Shooting at Kabul Airport The New York Times 23:00 29-Jan-15
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A man missed out on an £18m jackpot because his lottery ticket was printed seven seconds too late 22:58 29-Jan-15

Watch Dynamo conjure a car out of thin air at Fiat's 500X crossover launch 14:17 29-Jan-15

Never-before-seen footage has been captured of an African golden cat attacking monkeys in Uganda 13:35 29-Jan-15

Watch what might happen if humans suddenly disappeared from Earth 13:26 29-Jan-15

Two Match of the Day pundits are facing a £4.5 million bill after investing in a tax-avoidance scheme 09:53 29-Jan-15

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