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1.Kim Kardashian goes nude The Guardian 08:12 21-Dec-14
11.Woman drives away despite having clamp on car Metro.co.uk 19:13 21-Dec-14
12.US slaps sanctions on Putin's biker gang over Ukraine Telegraph.co.uk 15:20 21-Dec-14
21.Police Officer Shot And Killed In Florida Sky News 17:09 21-Dec-14
22.Watch: Monkey saves 'dying' friend The Independent 16:50 21-Dec-14
32.Police officer shot dead in Florida Daily and Sunday Express 15:29 21-Dec-14
40.Gay British musician Elton John marries partner under new law Thomson Reuters Foundation 18:20 21-Dec-14
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The most unpopular borough in which to buy a house in London has been revealed 19:13 21-Dec-14

Vladimir Putin is reportedly 'in love' with Russian gymnast Alina Kabayeva 19:09 21-Dec-14

The moment a monkey saves its dying friend after an accident has been caught on camera 19:00 21-Dec-14

A UKIP councillor has been expelled over 'jaw-dropping' comments 18:55 21-Dec-14

Elton John and David Furnish have officially tied the knot 18:51 21-Dec-14

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