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1.Russia's Putin says Cold War 'victors' want to reshape world Thomson Reuters Foundation 13:51 24-Oct-14
2.'Putin Pub' has caused a stir On Demand News 14:53 24-Oct-14
3.U.S. P-8 Poseidon Jets Snoop on Subs The Wall Street Journal 18:29 24-Oct-14 
17.Russia’s Putin accuses U.S. of destabilizing world order The Washington Post 17:08 24-Oct-14
26.US high school gunman shot students 'over a girl' Telegraph.co.uk 23:22 24-Oct-14
32.Ukraine oligarch put on the spot as rebels nibble at his empire Thomson Reuters Foundation 13:51 24-Oct-14
36.Two killed in another school gun rampage in US The Scotsman 00:22 25-Oct-14
40.Putin accuses United States of damaging world order Thomson Reuters Foundation 16:22 24-Oct-14
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Paul Gascoigne has been sectioned amid fears for his safety 09:30 25-Oct-14

A 'mile-long' trail of human blood has been discovered in Hull 09:28 25-Oct-14

A Google executive has beaten Felix Baumgartner's space jump record, falling 26 miles in 15 minutes 20:23 24-Oct-14

The Top 10 worst excuses for calling in sick have been revealed 20:22 24-Oct-14

Pranksters have recorded the surprising reaction of food critics after they were unknowingly served McDonald's 20:21 24-Oct-14

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