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1.The most miserable countries in the world revealed The Independent 12:04 24-Apr-15
8.Greece under fire from creditors as bailout talks drag Associated Press 17:41 24-Apr-15
9.Spain's recovery: Not doing the job The Economist 12:56 24-Apr-15 
11.Moscow in 2025 Politico EU 05:02
12.France and Russia agree 'terms' on warship contract EUobserver.com 19:00 24-Apr-15
13.Poland bans 'provocative' Russian bikers loyal to Putin Associated Press 16:21 24-Apr-15
20.14 Migrants Killed By Train In Bid To Flee The Irish Independent 02:43
22.Finance chiefs to Greece: Get serious Politico EU 17:28 24-Apr-15
23.New Greece buzzword: Grimbo CNBC.com 17:21 24-Apr-15
24.Limit Greek loans to debt servicing EUobserver.com 16:22 24-Apr-15
30.Court sentences judge to 10 years, 8 months for bribes Associated Press 13:00 24-Apr-15
36.Turkish plane makes emergency landing Associated Press 09:49
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Scientists have discovered a type of brain cancer that is fuelled by thoughts 09:45 25-Apr-15

An archeologist exploring an ancient Mexican pyramid has discovered 'large quantities' of liquid mercury 09:23 25-Apr-15

A 7.9-magnitude earthquake has hit Nepal, making over 100 victims 07:55 25-Apr-15

An 'enormous' magma reservoir has been discovered under the Yellowstone supervolcano 16:41 24-Apr-15

A hidden insult to Apple has been discovered in Google Maps 15:14 24-Apr-15

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