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1.Russian Jets Intercepted Over Europe Yet Again IBTimes (US) 22:28 30-Oct-14
5.Is the Bank of Russia intervening? CNBC.com 23:23 30-Oct-14
7.Blair helped to double Britain's EU payments Telegraph.co.uk 22:42 30-Oct-14
8.EU resumes financial aid to Zimbabwe EUbusiness.com 17:39 30-Oct-14
10.Demands prove Britain is EU’s cash machine Daily and Sunday Express 00:20
13.Russian Military Flights Increasingly Violating European Airspace The Huffington Post (UK) 18:19 30-Oct-14
14.Ukraine, Russia, EU likely to agree gas supply deal Thursday-officials Thomson Reuters Foundation 17:19 30-Oct-14
18.EU holds largest-ever cyber security exercise Associated Press 15:31 30-Oct-14
19.New Cold War? BBC 15:11 30-Oct-14
26.Pouring Political Oil on Troubled Bureaucracy The Wall Street Journal 02:09 
30.Turkey’s Influence in Middle East Ebbs The Wall Street Journal 23:27 30-Oct-14 
33.Russia and Ukraine reach gas deal FT.com 22:55 30-Oct-14 
34.EU power grid initiative ignores health issues Powerwatch 22:46 30-Oct-14
36.Ukraine, Russia And EU To Sign Gas Deal IBTimes (US) 21:57 30-Oct-14
37.India Races to Bolster Border Infrastructure The Wall Street Journal 21:39 30-Oct-14 
38.India, China Go Toe-to-Toe in the Mountains The Wall Street Journal 21:36 30-Oct-14 
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Footage has emerged of hundreds of fireworks exploding simultaneously following a huge blaze at a Midlands fireworks factory 20:19 30-Oct-14

Jeremy Clarkson has come under fire over a 'drink-drive' tweet 20:18 30-Oct-14

A Chinese spacecraft has returned a stunning picture of Earth from the far side of the Moon 20:18 30-Oct-14

The identity of the Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden is to be revealed 17:45 30-Oct-14

NATO has intercepted 19 Russian fighter jets in European airspace 17:45 30-Oct-14

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