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1.How to build an air conditioner in under 15 minutes Business Insider 15:09 5-Jul-15
17.Microsoft Windows 10 hands-on review Stuff Magazine 22:45 5-Jul-15
26.Sony Xperia Z5 launch prospect for September Phones Review 15:22 5-Jul-15
27.Microsoft Mico Windows 11 design gives ideas Phones Review 13:52 5-Jul-15
34.Leaked memos reveal date for UK Apple Pay Digital Spy 20:30 5-Jul-15
38.This Is Where Bond Villains Go On Holiday The Huffington Post (UK) 12:25
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NME is becoming a free weekly magazine 12:53 6-Jul-15

Pictures from the World Bodypainting Festival have been released 12:52 6-Jul-15

Two buses have crashed in Brighton, injuring many 12:52 6-Jul-15

A rare 'Nintendo Playstation' console has been found in a man's attic 12:51 6-Jul-15

A swingers festival has drawn complaints from local villagers 12:51 6-Jul-15

Damon Albarn was carried off stage at a festival after refusing to end a five hour set 11:00 6-Jul-15

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