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10.The CD Factory Worker Who Broke the Music Industry Gizmodo US (Weblog) 20:08 26-Apr-15
15.The 5 Best iPhone Apps of the Week TIME 21:20 26-Apr-15
21.What I learned after using the Apple Watch for 3 days Business Insider 22:55 26-Apr-15
22.Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 vs One M9 in speed test Phones Review 16:48 26-Apr-15
25.Grooveshark faces $750 MEELLION piracy payout The Register 00:00 27-Apr-15
28.Apple: fart apps not allowed on Apple Watch Slashgear 19:06 26-Apr-15
29.What is Periscope and How is It a Game-Changer? The Huffington Post (UK) 18:22 26-Apr-15
35.Why Google+ failed, according to Google insiders Business Insider 14:44 26-Apr-15
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Video: The avalanche that hit Everest base camp after the Nepal earthquake has been captured on camera 21:51 26-Apr-15

Three Russian women have been jailed over a twerking video 20:06 26-Apr-15

The PFA has announced the players chosen in its team of the year 13:00 26-Apr-15

The oldest video footage of London, shot over 100 years ago, has been publicly released 21:59 25-Apr-15

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A 7.8-magnitude earthquake has hit Nepal, killing over 2,500 people 07:55 25-Apr-15

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