Ricky Burns

Justice Served: Raymondo Beltran vs Terrence Crawford. Bobby Mac's Straight Shooter (Weblog) 16:26 24-Nov-14
Burns calls for Warren ban ESPN.co.uk 10:35 14-Nov-14
Warren loses £2m claim against Burns Glasgow Evening Times 07:07 14-Nov-14
Burns: Court case meant pressure Evening Express 21:12 13-Nov-14
Warren Statement on Ricky Burns BoxingNews24.com 14:35 13-Nov-14
Statement from Frank Warren East Side Boxing 14:28 13-Nov-14
Statement from Ricky Burns East Side Boxing 14:28 13-Nov-14


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The wormholes of science fiction movie Interstellar are unlikely to exist, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has claimed 22:33 25-Nov-14

Incredible time-lapse footage has been captured of a meteor hitting Earth's atmosphere before exploding in a ring of dust 20:07 25-Nov-14

A tongue-eating parasite has been found in a Morrisons fish 17:33 25-Nov-14

An Australian woman has been swallowed by a sinkhole while hanging out her washing 17:30 25-Nov-14

East London trains were delayed by an ‘unusually large passenger’ 17:30 25-Nov-14

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