Sex & Gender



Is Syphilis Making a Comeback? Men's Health 12:39
Sexually transmitted disease on rise in Ulster Belfast News Letter 12:08 30-Sep-14
New cases of gonorrhoea still rising HSC Public Health Agency (Press Release) 09:06 30-Sep-14
Call to compel schools to teach sex education The Scottish Herald 03:12 30-Sep-14
Pubic Lice: Still NOT Going Extinct Wired.com 17:13 29-Sep-14
Alarmist testing of young girls for chlamydia Telegraph.co.uk 07:04 29-Sep-14
Nearly 2 Million Americans Have Chlamydia, Estimates Show The Huffington Post (US) 19:07 26-Sep-14


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A fish with human-like teeth has been caught in the US 11:40 1-Oct-14

A battle between two great white sharks has been caught on film 10:20 1-Oct-14

AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young has been diagnosed with dementia 09:49 1-Oct-14

Antarctic ice loss is throwing off Earth's gravity, satellite data shows 09:49 1-Oct-14

A Florida woman spent a month in jail after police mistook SpaghettiO sauce for crystal meth 09:48 1-Oct-14

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