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Kabocha Squash Pie Yoga Journal 23:50 2-Sep-15
Banana-Zucchini Chocolate-Chip Cookies Yoga Journal 23:50 2-Sep-15
Vegan Dark-Chocolate Avocado Beet Cake Yoga Journal 23:50 2-Sep-15

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Taste education boosts sales for edible insects Christian Science Monitor 23:23 2-Sep-15
Canned Food Has Less Product than You Think Shape Magazine 23:11 2-Sep-15

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Bacteria help deliver fish-oil diet benefits Digital Journal 20:58 2-Sep-15

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Jacqueline'™s new career option Femina.in 19:31 2-Sep-15

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The Ultimate #RunForFun Running Playlist Fitness Magazine 18:47 2-Sep-15
Yes, You CAN Buy Happiness, Study Finds Yoga Journal 17:58 2-Sep-15
Fail Better: Learn To Lean into the Unknown Yoga Journal 17:48 2-Sep-15
5 Life Lessons Learned from Mountain Biking Shape Magazine 17:12 2-Sep-15

Microbes make the meal, new diet book proposes Science News Online 16:06 2-Sep-15
Could the Zone Diet help you lose weight? Goodtoknow.co.uk 15:37 2-Sep-15
The Healthy Snack You're Not Eating Fitness Magazine 15:36 2-Sep-15
Beware The Dreaded Nocebo Effect CalorieLab 15:07 2-Sep-15
Must-Try Incentives To Kick-Start Your Diet Goodtoknow.co.uk 13:46 2-Sep-15
Pet Vet: What could blood in cat's stool mean? Bradenton Herald 13:09 2-Sep-15
Shock! Belly-busting belt is a bunch of bull The Sydney Morning Herald 08:32 2-Sep-15


A national shearing champion has been called in to help a sheep with a fleece 'so overgrown she can't see out of it' 17:30 2-Sep-15

A blue whale has been photographed in English waters for the first time ever 17:10 2-Sep-15

Rebekah Brooks has returned as the head of Rupert Murdoch's News UK 17:07 2-Sep-15

A man accidentally sent a picture of his genitals to his new HR manager after receiving a job offer 16:52 2-Sep-15

A man helped his family escape an apartment fire before going back to rescue a slab of BBQ ribs 16:29 2-Sep-15

Taylor Swift's new video has been described as 'African colonial fantasy' in a new racism row 16:20 2-Sep-15

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