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3.Portugal gets another IMF bailout payment EUbusiness.com 22:06 17-Apr-14
12.Gold-Flinger: China's new global villain Santa Barbara News Press, California 08:49
14.Govt bond auction: Bonds bank on insurers to sail through The Business Standard 23:38 17-Apr-14
15.France to slow deficit cuts, respect 2015 target The Daily Star, Lebanon 22:31 17-Apr-14
16.Russia, West agree on Ukraine deal SBS 22:07 17-Apr-14
17.Russia, West reach deal on Ukraine SBS 20:07 17-Apr-14
18.Ukrainian crisis hits flights Air Transport World 19:49 17-Apr-14 
21.European auto market pulls away from crisis: trade data The West Australian 18:43 17-Apr-14
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Gold worth a reported £9,500 has been removed from an Indian man's intestines 13:20 18-Apr-14

A Spanish village called 'Kill the Jews' is to vote on changing its name 13:19 18-Apr-14

A 16-year-old from the slums of Kolkata has been invited to train with Manchester United, according to reports 13:19 18-Apr-14

The US is an oligarchy, not a democracy, a Princeton University study has revealed 22:22 17-Apr-14

The city of Portland is to drain millions of gallons of drinking water after a teenager urinated in a reservoir 22:13 17-Apr-14

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