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6.Small is beautiful: Models under 4'4'' wow Paris ABS-CBNnews.com 06:12 3-Oct-15
7.Dog buries little girl for revenge The Telegraph 18:28 3-Oct-15
8.Dolphin rescues phone from sea On Demand News 12:35 3-Oct-15
9.Is this a ghost walking in front of a tunnel? Metro.co.uk 12:24 3-Oct-15
10.How much is that Nobel prize in the window? Emirates 24/7 09:18 3-Oct-15
20.Researchers grow human brains in a lab: Gizmag Focus Information Agency 06:52 3-Oct-15
22.Woolly mammoth unearthed in Michigan field Reuters.co.uk 21:09 3-Oct-15
24.Gamer dog plays on iPad app The Telegraph 19:48 3-Oct-15
26.Help, I’m having a 'mild-life’ crisis The Telegraph 09:40 3-Oct-15
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Nine Doctors Without Borders staff in Afghanistan have died from what may have been a US air strike 15:36 3-Oct-15

Two people have died after a light aircraft crashed in Essex 15:31 3-Oct-15

More details have emerged about the gunman in the Oregon college shooting 09:02 3-Oct-15

Eurotunnel services have been suspended following a 'massive invasion' of migrants 08:47 3-Oct-15

Members of a female sorority who were 'selfie shamed' at a baseball game have asked that tickets be given to charity 08:46 3-Oct-15

Former Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro has broken her silence with a critical statement 08:30 3-Oct-15

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