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1.Ten amazing images of ridiculous US laws Metro.co.uk 12:23 23-Apr-14
4.'Riot proof' vehicle damaged by eggs Orange.co.uk 11:10 23-Apr-14
5.'Ghost' runs through fans during match Telegraph.co.uk 19:30 23-Apr-14
6.Mum sells soap made from her own breast milk The Standard 11:52 23-Apr-14
7.Star Wars Instagram: 13 ultimate geek pics Digital Spy 12:55 23-Apr-14
9.Ten hangover nightmares Telegraph.co.uk 16:51 23-Apr-14
11.Elephants drunk after eating marula fruit Telegraph.co.uk 12:51 23-Apr-14
14.Have You Seen This 23ft Orange Dinosaur? The Huffington Post (UK) 16:46 23-Apr-14
15.Chicago Man Wins Lottery 3 Times in 3 Weeks NBC10, Pennsylvania 16:42 23-Apr-14
16.Anyone seen a 23ft dinosaur from Essex? Metro.co.uk 13:58 23-Apr-14
17.Cut up children's food for a peaceful meal, study says Telegraph.co.uk 12:21 23-Apr-14
18.Watch the Haddaway bird dance-off Digital Spy 12:15 23-Apr-14
19.What makes a real gentlemen? Daily and Sunday Express 01:38
21.Fancy a new barnet? Women create MASSIVE WIGS made from cast off... Daily and Sunday Express 20:54 23-Apr-14
22.Leopard steals GoPro camera Telegraph.co.uk 18:39 23-Apr-14
23.Cop tasered naked man who threw underwear at him The Scotsman 16:45 23-Apr-14
24.Real-life French Spider-Man ITN 15:44 23-Apr-14
25.Troubled Morrissey's Greatest Hits Digital Spy 13:46 23-Apr-14
27.Abducted by ET? There is now a support group for you Telegraph.co.uk 12:51 23-Apr-14
28.At it like rabbits in live news bulletin Digital Spy 11:39 23-Apr-14
29.Man takes ducks for a walk on lead Orange.co.uk 11:20 23-Apr-14
31.Retired teacher made £1m in secret on stock market Telegraph.co.uk 09:30 23-Apr-14
34.Stranded snorkellers wrote giant SOS in the sand The Scotsman 00:10 24-Apr-14
35.GPS Explodes After Overheating–Fiction! Truth or Fiction 23:25 23-Apr-14
36.Man hit by train escapes barely scathed Reuters 23:13 23-Apr-14
37.Botfly Removed From Boy’s Eyeball (Photos) Anorak.co.uk 23:04 23-Apr-14
39.Extra crispy: French fry truck burns in Maine Associated Press 18:01 23-Apr-14
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A man was tasered for throwing his underpants at police during a strip search, a court has heard 23:12 23-Apr-14

An 'agoraphobic' woman who travelled the world while claiming benefits has been jailed for a year 23:05 23-Apr-14

Prince Charles' brother-in-law Mark Shand has died of a head injury during a fall in New York City 23:01 23-Apr-14

Nasa has claimed a manned mission to Mars is necessary for the survival of our species 16:47 23-Apr-14

A mysterious quacking sound from the ocean has been explained after 50 years 16:47 23-Apr-14

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