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19.Air Guitar champ crowned On Demand News 16:19 29-Aug-15
27.This dad has a great use for his beatboxing skills The Telegraph 20:50 29-Aug-15
31.Piglet with two heads found in China The Telegraph 14:41 29-Aug-15
34.Russia: Rubber bullets handed out to ward off bears Focus Information Agency 07:27 29-Aug-15
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A Broadway actor has died at the age of 21 in a home accident 22:25 29-Aug-15

NASA has sealed six people in a dome for the next year in order to simulate life on Mars 22:21 29-Aug-15

An Egyptian court has sentenced three Al Jazeera journalists to three years in prison 22:18 29-Aug-15

A former Liverpool player has apologised for sexist comments on Twitter 22:16 29-Aug-15

Scientists studying hangovers have made a discouraging announcement 21:49 29-Aug-15

European countries have agreed new security measures for trains 21:46 29-Aug-15

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