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1.Man Has Flu, Takes Ibuprofen And This Happens The Huffington Post (UK) 12:46 24-Oct-14
9.The Queen sends her first ever tweet Digital Spy 12:46 24-Oct-14
11.As big as a beach ball: Could this be the world's largest... Daily and Sunday Express 14:36 24-Oct-14
14.Blind toddler hailed musical genius Orange.co.uk 11:27 24-Oct-14
15.Mystery of ‘alien’ in vinegar bottle Emirates 24/7 08:37 24-Oct-14
27.Dead Sea rave On Demand News 17:22 24-Oct-14
30.Cute baby dwarf mongoose On Demand News 12:31 24-Oct-14
31.Security staff guard chocolate milk Orange.co.uk 11:17 24-Oct-14
37.Music's most unlilkely collaboration? Orange.co.uk 11:17 24-Oct-14
39.Docs remove football-sized tumour from girl's face Emirates 24/7 07:34 24-Oct-14
40.Cockroach disrupts pest control chief's testimony Associated Press 23:12 24-Oct-14
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A Google executive has beaten Felix Baumgartner's space jump record, falling 26 miles in 15 minutes 20:23 24-Oct-14

The Top 10 worst excuses for calling in sick have been revealed 20:22 24-Oct-14

A man has been jailed for swindling his brother out of his inheritance 20:21 24-Oct-14

Pranksters have recorded the surprising reaction of food critics after they were unknowingly served McDonald's 20:21 24-Oct-14

The moment a bus driver got into a fight with two passengers in south-east London has been caught on CCTV 10:04 24-Oct-14

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