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11.Hoverbike aims to take aviation to a new level Reuters.co.uk 21:58 20-Aug-14
16.Norway catches its 'first drink-driving Segway user' Focus Information Agency 06:33
17.'Suicide tourism' to Switzerland doubled: AFP Focus Information Agency 06:03
23.Girl saved from being buried alive Emirates 24/7 06:17
24.Man drives car into swimming pool Emirates 24/7 04:28
26.Husband spanked wife in row over money Telegraph.co.uk 23:26 20-Aug-14
27.Los Angeles port welcomes massive rubber duck Associated Press 21:03 20-Aug-14
36.Nine Ice Bucket Challenges You Need to See NBC News 21:18 20-Aug-14
37.Double Gloucester to DISAPPEAR from UK as cows die out Daily and Sunday Express 19:29 20-Aug-14
38.Our life with the Neanderthals was no brief affair Reuters.co.uk 18:27 20-Aug-14
39.George W. Bush takes ice bucket challenge Associated Press 17:22 20-Aug-14
40.Police have beef with shoplifting suspect Associated Press 16:50 20-Aug-14
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The UK's most generous town has been revealed 10:57 21-Aug-14

Traces of sea plankton have been found on the surface of the International Space Station 10:28 21-Aug-14

Rare footage of lions taking on a crocodile has been captured in Kenya 10:28 21-Aug-14

London and Aberdeen are mafia strongholds, the EU has claimed 23:24 20-Aug-14

A grouper has been filmed swallowing a shark in one gulp 23:23 20-Aug-14

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