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A Comment on Modesta The Spine (Satire) 00:54

Call David Icke: scientists invent new lizard Anorak.co.uk 11:23 20-Dec-14

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A Tasteful Little Cartoon in Honour of Kim Jong-Un The Spine (Satire) 18:33 19-Dec-14
My Facial Tattoo The Spine (Satire) 17:10 19-Dec-14
The Future The Spine (Satire) 14:09 19-Dec-14
Drunken mob roaming nation looking for carol service thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 12:02 19-Dec-14
Sigh… The Spine (Satire) 11:37 19-Dec-14
Everyone to live an extra six hate-filled years thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 10:41 19-Dec-14
Gogglebox family replaced by gibbons thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 09:51 19-Dec-14
Establishment planning to bring Russell Brand down with sex scandal thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 09:01 19-Dec-14
How to build a human, by Eleanor Lutz Anorak.co.uk 21:23 18-Dec-14
McCoist not Rangers manager but still managing Rangers FourFourTwo - Funny (Satire) 15:27 18-Dec-14
On Being The Internet’s Darkest Matter The Spine (Satire) 15:23 18-Dec-14
A Cartoon About A Lawyer The Spine (Satire) 13:06 18-Dec-14
For future reference, I like sexy vampire movies, says Kim Jong Un thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 12:05 18-Dec-14
Prescription drugs cause liberal outburst thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 11:13 18-Dec-14
McCoist doomed to be Rangers manager for all eternity thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 10:11 18-Dec-14
I’ve been thinking I should adopt Kim Jong-un thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 09:29 18-Dec-14
Video game quickly being made controversial thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 09:08 18-Dec-14
The Mash guide to cultural trends of 2015 thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 08:48 18-Dec-14
Santa is a convicted sex offender Anorak.co.uk 16:21 17-Dec-14
I Hate Colour Cartoons The Spine (Satire) 13:00 17-Dec-14

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French police have shot dead a man who stabbed three officers in a police station 20:23 20-Dec-14

A monumental gateway to King Herod's palace in Israel has been discovered by archaeologists 16:46 20-Dec-14

The biggest scientific breakthroughs of 2014 are... 10:51 20-Dec-14

The best place to live in the UK has been revealed 10:45 20-Dec-14

NASA has released an 'astronaut's-eye view' of Orion's re-entry into Earth's atmosphere (Video) 10:38 20-Dec-14

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My Facial Tattoo
The Spine (Satire) 17:10 19-Dec-14
Santa is a convicted sex offender
Anorak.co.uk 16:21 17-Dec-14
Two Spectacularly Funny Cartoons
The Spine (Satire) 13:13 15-Dec-14
We just want to put you in prison, admit tax people
thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 11:32 15-Dec-14
Canada seizes North Pole
DeadBrain (Satire) 01:09 15-Dec-14


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