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In the last 8 hours
Vatican mobile library seized with 4kg of cocaine The Spoof (Satire) 19:35 18-Sep-14
Bonita Jackson spouts kiddie tough love garbage The Spoof (Satire) 19:35 18-Sep-14
Obama Found To Have Terrible Disease The Spoof (Satire) 19:35 18-Sep-14
U.S. Should Bomb Isis Coming Into Tx. From Mexico The Spoof (Satire) 19:35 18-Sep-14
Fanfiction prompts arrest of rising TV star The Spoof (Satire) 19:35 18-Sep-14

You Can Buy Pope Francis’ Skull Cap Anorak.co.uk 16:10 18-Sep-14
Greg Norman’s zombie apocalypse thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 11:41 18-Sep-14
Internet argument won by making things up thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 11:31 18-Sep-14
Salmond votes ‘No’ thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 10:00 18-Sep-14
Chelsea to sign ‘next Messi’ the moment he’s born thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 09:50 18-Sep-14
Ajax Fans Pay Tribute To Paris Hilton Anorak.co.uk 09:24 18-Sep-14
Unemployment falls as IDS opens pie shop thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 09:20 18-Sep-14
Andy Murray offers to fund Scottish pension system thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 08:50 18-Sep-14
Unst may separate from Shetland Islands thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 08:20 18-Sep-14

In the last 7 days
Could we be owned by normal people? ask cats thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 12:04 17-Sep-14
Pretty much everything a threat to global security thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 10:34 17-Sep-14
Cara Delevingne to play Margo in movie version of The Good Life thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 10:14 17-Sep-14
Crimewatch celebrates 30 years of nightmares thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 09:24 17-Sep-14
Di Maria looking forward to watching Champions League on TV thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 09:14 17-Sep-14
Scotland goes full Scottish thedailymash.co.uk (Satire) 08:54 17-Sep-14
NFL's Goodell Speaks On New Peterson Revelation The Spoof (Satire) 08:35 17-Sep-14
Obama to deploy 3,000 doctors to combat ISIL The Spoof (Satire) 08:35 17-Sep-14
11-Year-Old Attacks Obama In Schoolroom The Spoof (Satire) 08:35 17-Sep-14
Gay student won't stand in straight line The Spoof (Satire) 08:35 17-Sep-14
Limbaugh Hoisted Up On Own Petard The Spoof (Satire) 08:35 17-Sep-14

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Footage of Star Wars’ new Millennium Falcon has been released 23:18 18-Sep-14

Previously hidden Nazi gas chambers have been discovered in Poland 23:18 18-Sep-14

A newborn baby has been found alive in a 7-inch toilet pipe in China 23:18 18-Sep-14

Kim Jong-un has developed an obsession with cheese, according to reports 23:17 18-Sep-14

Heroin worth £37m has been found in a Jaguar smuggled into Britain 23:17 18-Sep-14

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