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1.More H7N9 cases as flu fears mount Hong Kong Standard 00:05 26-Feb-15
2.Hong Kong reports new case of H7N9 influenza The China Post 17:56 23-Feb-15
3.Bird flu could hit half the workforce Management-Issues 15:06 23-Feb-15
4.Hong Kong hospital staff exposed to bird flu patient in quarantine South China Morning Post 16:32 24-Feb-15 
5.Bird Flu Incidents Increase in Western United States PRWeb (Press Release) 17:09 21-Feb-15
6.Fujian H5N8 In Hungary Raises Migration Concerns Recombinomics 21:02 25-Feb-15
7.A New Bird Flu Case Reported in China Sputnik 11:58 22-Feb-15
10.Flipino dies of possible avian flu in Philippines Focus Taiwan 10:55 23-Feb-15
11.DOH confirms death of OFW with bird flu ABS-CBNnews.com 08:44 23-Feb-15
12.HKU scientist warns that seasonal and bird flu could mix and mutate South China Morning Post 04:03 23-Feb-15 
14.Govt Confirms Bird Flu Outbreak in Monywa The Irrawaddy 05:05 26-Feb-15
15.NIH moving ahead with review of risky virology studies Science Magazine 22:56 25-Feb-15
18.Avian flu kills 10,000 birds in Katsina National Mirror, Nigeria 05:11 25-Feb-15
19.Employers 'complacent' about risks from bird flu pandemic Management-Issues 15:06 23-Feb-15
20.Flu vaccine protects against bird flu; diabetes fogs your brain South China Morning Post 22:28 22-Feb-15 
23.Egypt: Man Dies of Bird Flu - Report AllAfrica 15:51 25-Feb-15
24.Officials still monitoring avian flu The Bulletin 03:14 25-Feb-15
27.DOH: Possible bird flu kills man in PH Rappler 06:04 23-Feb-15
29.Bird flu hits Katsina The Sun News, Nigeria 01:30 25-Feb-15
31.Intensifying the Battle against Bird Flu ThisDay Live 00:19 24-Feb-15
32.Flu shot protects against new H7N9 strain: study Japan Today 22:04 22-Feb-15
35.Poultry farmers hit by low wholesale prices The Business Standard 19:06 26-Feb-15
36.Stay safe from Swine flu Femina.in 18:32 24-Feb-15
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The US has enacted historic new Internet laws 20:31 26-Feb-15

A university has worked out the best places to hide in the event of a zombie apocalypse 20:29 26-Feb-15

South Korea has legalised adultery 20:12 26-Feb-15

The largest ship ever to sail on the Thames has docked at London Gateway 13:34 26-Feb-15

'Alien' lights on dwarf planet Ceres have left scientists perplexed 10:55 26-Feb-15

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