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Top stories from the last 72 hours

1.Hong Kong slaughters more than a million chickens The Straits Times 09:14 18-Nov-14
5.Bird flu identified as H5N8 but Xmas turkey threat unclear FoodManufacture.co.uk 18:06 19-Nov-14
6.Bird flu outbreak: ALL THE LATEST INFO South West Farmer 09:52 19-Nov-14
11.UK bird flu outbreak confirmed as H5N8 strain The Grocer 16:09 18-Nov-14
20.Bird flu raises concerns in United Kingdom and Netherlands Orlando Sentinel, Florida 18:59 19-Nov-14
22.Warning: Humans could be infected by bird flu Daily Star 00:18 19-Nov-14
24.Second Case of Bird Flu Discovered in Netherlands The Wall Street Journal 15:23 
28.NFU Poultry Team in action on AI National Farmers' Union 16:10 19-Nov-14
29.Bird flu: Perthshire poultry farmer calls for preventative action Dundee Courier, Scotland 13:29 19-Nov-14
31.Cull begins in Cherry Valley - the UK bird-flu duck farm The Irish Independent 02:43 19-Nov-14
33.Bird flu: will it spread? Northumberland Gazette 12:24
35.UK bird flu strain confirmed as H5N8 GlobalMeatNews.com 17:05 19-Nov-14
40.H7N9 'most lethal' flu virus yet iafrica.com 10:10 19-Nov-14
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The first trailer for the Game of Thrones video game has been released 20:16 20-Nov-14

Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan has been accused of anti-Semitism 20:11 20-Nov-14

Nestle is developing a drink that might make exercise obsolete 17:08 20-Nov-14

An Indian man has been dubbed the ‘real-life Spiderman’ 17:07 20-Nov-14

A Salford schoolboy has been removed from class over an ‘extreme’ haircut 17:06 20-Nov-14

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