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Top stories from the last 72 hours

1.Alarm over flu outbreak Fiji Times 21:27 23-Apr-14
2.Critical Tamiflu study ‘confirms my suspicions’ Isle of Man Today 06:51 22-Apr-14
3.Ginseng can treat and prevent influenza and respiratory virus The Financial Express 14:42 22-Apr-14
5.Egyptian Camels Carry Deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Virus Bernama - Malaysian National News Agency 07:43 22-Apr-14
12.Bird Flu Found on California Quail Farm as Russia Bans Shipments San Diego Daily Transcript 19:26 23-Apr-14 
13.Yum Brands’ Chinese restaurants sales grow in Q1 China Economic Review 07:27 23-Apr-14
14.Chicks in classroom deemed too dangerous by one school Education Executive 09:46 22-Apr-14
16.Hong Kong Bans Poultry Imports From Us' State Of California Bernama - Malaysian National News Agency 12:36
17.Yum Brands 1Q Restaurant Sales Up in China Fox News 23:16 22-Apr-14
20.Delivery app fees tough to swallow Korea JoongAng Daily 16:07 23-Apr-14
21.Yum Brands’ Chinese restaurants sales grow China Economic Review 06:37 23-Apr-14
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A man has been crushed to death by a giant crucifix during a ceremony dedicated to Pope John Paul II in Italy 23:39 24-Apr-14

Twitter is reportedly abuzz following a series of Liam Gallagher tweets hinting at an Oasis reunion 23:34 24-Apr-14

A mother has been charged with the murder of her three disabled children in south-west London 23:33 24-Apr-14

The new entry-level Porsche Macan is available in the UK, according to reports 23:33 24-Apr-14

Photos featuring Jose Mourinho and a mafia gangster are being used as evidence in a murder trial, it's been reported 23:32 24-Apr-14

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