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2.Shanghai Street View: Bird Flu Takes Flight SeekingAlpha 08:11 16-Apr-14
3.Kumamoto bird flu strain ID'd as H5N8, new to Japan The Japan Times 15:39 17-Apr-14
4.First hurdle cleared to stamp out bird flu The Japan Times 13:50 16-Apr-14
5.Aquino moves to stop spread of MERS-CoV Gulf News 10:30 16-Apr-14
6.Climate change, Ebola and Lassa fever The Punch 02:11 17-Apr-14
8.Bird Flu Continues to Spread in N. Korea Voice of America 20:59 17-Apr-14
9.Sinovac Files 2013 Annual Report on Form 20-F MarketWatch 14:24 16-Apr-14
10.Why Your Easter Will Be More Expensive This Year TheStreet.com 12:05 16-Apr-14
11.Mexican meat prices expected to increase GlobalMeatNews.com 21:28 17-Apr-14
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The US is an oligarchy, not a democracy, a Princeton University study has revealed 22:22 17-Apr-14

Astronomers have found the most Earth-Like planet yet detected orbiting in a habitable zone 22:14 17-Apr-14

The city of Portland is to drain millions of gallons of drinking water after a teenager urinated in a reservoir 22:13 17-Apr-14

A shopping centre in Britain is to become the first to trial an 'overtaking lane' 22:11 17-Apr-14

The world's most expensive restaurant is to open in Ibiza, Spain 22:10 17-Apr-14

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