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5.Can the UK protect itself from bird flu spread? Farmers Guardian 11:35 27-Nov-14
7.Bird flu outbreak in India caused by strain humans can contract -... Thomson Reuters Foundation 17:07 27-Nov-14
8.Migratory Birds Not Carriers of H1N1 Virus: Ornithologists The New Indian Express 04:11 27-Nov-14
18.Welsh poultry owners reminded of the need for heightened biosecurity Wired-GOV (Press Release) 09:14 27-Nov-14
21.Police out to stop poultry transport The Hindu 06:06 27-Nov-14
22.Vets warn of risk if animal checks are cut Yorkshire Post 02:19 27-Nov-14
23.Culling to be over in 3 days The Hindu 20:16
27.Avian Flu in Kerala Identified as H5N1 Virus The New Indian Express 19:39 27-Nov-14
28.Biosecurity needs to be kept high The Impartial Reporter, Northern Ireland 13:00 27-Nov-14
30.Precautionary steps in Namakkal The Hindu 04:44 27-Nov-14
31.Uncontrolled Influx of Poultry from Other States Raises Concern The New Indian Express 04:11 27-Nov-14
32.State on Alert After Kerala Avian Flu Scare The New Indian Express 03:08 27-Nov-14
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The three-point turn is set to be dropped from driving tests 20:20 28-Nov-14

Shia LaBeouf claims he was raped during an art exhibition in Los Angeles 20:16 28-Nov-14

Mickey Rourke has won his first boxing match in 20 years, at the age of 62 20:12 28-Nov-14

A father has been stabbed outside the gates of a Manchester primary school 20:12 28-Nov-14

A school playground was evacuated due to an 'unusually aggressive' squirrel 20:11 28-Nov-14

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