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3.Can the UK protect itself from bird flu spread? Farmers Guardian 11:35 27-Nov-14
8.Police out to stop poultry transport The Hindu 06:06 27-Nov-14
10.Bird flu outbreak in India caused by strain humans can contract -... Thomson Reuters Foundation 17:07 27-Nov-14
11.Biosecurity needs to be kept high The Impartial Reporter, Northern Ireland 13:00 27-Nov-14
14.Precautionary steps in Namakkal The Hindu 04:44 27-Nov-14
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A rare albino dolphin has been caught in Japan 22:25 27-Nov-14

70% of British supermarket chickens have tested positive for poisonous bug 20:48 27-Nov-14

A video featuring Shakira has become the most shared advert of all time 16:55 27-Nov-14

The sea turned blood red overnight at a Chinese holiday resort 16:55 27-Nov-14

Drone footage of the ghost city of Pripyat, just miles from the Chernobyl reactor, has been released 14:34 27-Nov-14

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