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Lots of Suspense Heading Into Election Day Political Wire (Weblog) 12:09
Governor's Race Still Close in Michigan Political Wire (Weblog) 11:51
Graham Says He'll Help White Men as President Political Wire (Weblog) 11:37
Polls May Be Undercounting Democrats Political Wire (Weblog) 11:37
Hagan Keeps Small Lead in North Carolina Political Wire (Weblog) 11:37
Peters Headed for Big Win in Michigan Political Wire (Weblog) 11:37
Dan Sullivan’s Final Word in Alaska? Obama. The New York Times: First Draft (Weblog) 11:37
Crist Moves Ahead in Florida Political Wire (Weblog) 11:24
Bet on a GOP Majority Political Wire (Weblog) 11:24
Democratic Ads in South Focus on Race Political Wire (Weblog) 11:24
Intrade Founders Launch New Prediction Market Political Wire (Weblog) 11:24


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A video of 76 Russian football hooligans brawling and then shaking hands has gone viral 20:47 29-Oct-14

Aliens exist, a former Area 51 scientist has claimed 10:23 29-Oct-14

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