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Global Finance House signs murabaha financing Middle East Economic Digest 09:48 
Greater Collaboration Vital To Internationalise Islamic Finance Bernama - Malaysian National News Agency 06:45
Unlocking Middle Eastern finance requires care Riviera Martime Media 23:53 26-Aug-14 
Finance, UCC fight over telecom cash The Observer, Uganda 23:06 26-Aug-14
Duties to Serve in Housing Finance Credit Slips (Weblog) 21:20 26-Aug-14
Muthoot Finance ups stake in Asia Asset Finance Lakehouse Daily News 21:18 26-Aug-14


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An Arizona shooting instructor has been killed showing a 9-year-old girl how to use an Uzi 23:58 26-Aug-14

Volvo has unveiled its all-new XC90 23:56 26-Aug-14

Apple is to release its largest-ever iPad 23:55 26-Aug-14

A Texas brewery has launched the 99-pack of beer 23:55 26-Aug-14

An elderly passenger tried to take control of an Australian charter flight 18:46 26-Aug-14

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